Testimonial #1

It was a late one night, around 10:45 PM, I was in a movie theater watching Les Miserables, eating popcorn, when all of a sudden I cracked my tooth.  The pain was excruciating! I couldn’t even sit through the rest of the movie. I found NYC emergency dentistry, performing 24/7 emergency dentistry and they answered the phone very quickly.  Over the phone, the dentist was extremely courteous, polite and very detailed as to find out what the situation was concerning my tooth.  He then offered to open his office immediately so that I could become pain-free that evening.  His rates were extremely reasonable, his practice was easy to get to, and he was incredibly thorough and professional. I walked out of the office feeling 1 million times better than when I walked in. Thank you NYC emergency dentistry for helping me and I will continue to use them as my regular dentist from now on.

Ida Rossi

Bronx, New York

Testimonial #2

I’m not one for doctors or dentists or anything medical. Generally I’ll take two aspirins and grin and bear it. Well it was early one morning around 6:30 AM and I really couldn’t take the pain in my mouth anymore. It was unbearable.  My mouth felt a little swollen, and I couldn’t even have a cup of coffee. So I had to get help immediately.  I did a Google search and found emergency dentistry of New York City open all hours of the day and night they agreed to see me immediately. After cleaning out my abscess and sending me home with a prescription for an antibiotic, I started feeling better right away.  Great job.

Harry Martin

Queens, NY

Testimonial #3

I was driving over the Outerbridge Crossing on a clear, bright summer afternoon, biting into a delicious juicy nectarine. All of a sudden I hear a crunching sound in my mouth and I pull the nectarine away and look in my rearview mirror and see that my front top tooth was completely chipped off in the center. I almost drove off the bridge. I was completely freaked out! I asked Siri to find me a dentist and she came up with emergency dentistry of New York City. I hit the call button they agreed to see me immediately and instead of going home I went straight to their office. I couldn’t believe it when just a short while later they bonded my front tooth and made it look just like new. I am extremely grateful that they were able to help me so quickly because I was so embarrassed at what my smile looks like with that crack in my tooth. I’m never eat another nectarine again, but I will go back to emergency dentistry of New York City.

CJ Meryll

Brooklyn, NY



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